Business and regulatory criminal litigation

The sharp increase in the number of repressive legal measures in all areas of business activity over the last decade has led to a rise in the number of controls carried out by law enforcement and administrative authorities and an increase in the penalties imposed in the event of non-compliance.

With extensive experience and detailed knowledge of economic regulations, as well as administrative and criminal procedures, Swift Litigation lawyers assist you:

– in implementing an effective strategy to reduce and manage the regulatory and criminal risks that your company may encounter (training on regulations, setting up internal processes in the event of inspections or searches, etc.)

– during investigations carried out by the administrative authorities (AFA (French Anti-Corruption Agency), AMF (French Financial Supervisory Authority), ACPR (French Prudential Supervision and Resolution Authority, etc.) and law enforcement authorities,

– and represent you in the context of judicial investigations carried out by criminal authorities, at all stages of the proceedings.