Banking litigation

Our service to banks includes the management, analysis and prevention of civil, criminal and regulatory disputes related to the activities of banks and their managers in the variety of sectors in which they operate.

Swift Litigation defends the interests of its clients facing liability claims and acts at various stages of banking and financial litigation.

Our lawyers have first-rate expertise in litigation relating to matters specific to banks (payment transactions, loans, capital markets, seizures and freezing of assets) in all their business lines (retail banks, private or investment banks, custodians, investment service providers etc.) but also in business litigation which they may face, like any other company (collective proceedings, cybersecurity, minority shareholders’ disputes).

Litigation covers a wide range of banking activities :

1.Accounts / right to basic banking services / inactive accounts

2.Payment / fraud

3.Loans / rates / swaps / securities

4.Capital markets / custody account keeping

5.Seizure / freezing of assets

6.Criminal and regulatory litigation

7.Collective proceedings